RefrigiWear's ECONO-TUFF Collection

RefrigiWear's ECONO-TUFF Collection

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  • Econo-Tuff® Jacket
    Econo-Tuff Jacket


  • Econo-Tuff® Frock Liner
    Econo-Tuff Frock Liner


  • Econo-Tuff® Vest
    Econo-Tuff Vest


  • Econo-Tuff® High Bib Overalls
    Econo-Tuff High Bib Overalls


Don't give up - get tuff. Lightweight, warm, durable and a great value. Get the job done when you have the best of all worlds. Even when the temp drops to 15°F, Econo-Tuff will keep you warm and protected. Great for outdoor work like agriculture, landscaping, construction and more. Great for spending a 10 hours shift with a pallet jack in a cooler or freezer. It doesn't matter what your day looks like, it won't look as cold when you've got Econo-Tuff on your side. With short and long jackets, a vest and bibs as options, you can find the right combination of gear for your needs. Get to work with Econo-Tuff.