RefrigiWear Freezer Edge Collection

RefrigiWear Freezer Edge Collection

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  • Freezer Edge® Jacket
    Freezer Edge Jacket


  • Freezer Edge® Hooded Sweatshirt
    Freezer Edge Hooded Sweatshirt


  • Freezer Edge® Coveralls
    Freezer Edge Coveralls


  • Freezer Edge® Bib Overalls
    Freezer Edge Bib Overalls


  • Freezer Edge® Glove
    Freezer Edge Glove


Push your performance over the top with RefrigiWear's new Freezer Edge® Jacket & Bib Overalls. Harsh conditions and subzero temperatures won't stop you from juggling every task that he boss throws at you or you throw at yourself. Freezer Edge keeps you in action and won't fall apart after heavy use like other wannabe brands.