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  • 8200 HiVis Waterproof Bomber Jacket

  • ErgoForce® Waterproof Jacket


  • HiVis 3-in-1 Rainwear Jacket


  • ErgoForce® Waterproof Low Bib Overalls


Tell Mother nature to take a hike. From fierce winds to raging rains - you've got it covered with Rainwear protection from RefrigiWear. There's no such thing as rain delays at work. Don't be miserable - be focused. Get the protection of waterproof gear from RefrigiWear and it won't matter what Mother Nature decides to dump on you. You can't trust the weatherman to get it right every time. So trust your gear to keep you dry, protected and comfortable no matter what is happening with the weather. With full suit options, lightweight options, and even insulted options for when rain turns to ice or ice to rain, you won't need an umbrella. You just need RefrigiWear.